How about a weekend in Norway?

We organize weekend diving trips in the neighborhood of Bergen not only for organized groups,
but also for individuals.

The layout of this trip begins with your arrival to Bergen on Fridays. From we airport, you are transported by a driver to your place of accommodation. We have avaible apartments for four and six people, fully quipped

The next step is diving for 3 days in a row. The schedule plans 4 dives on wrecks and 2 normal dives. One of the attractions is experiencing the shipwrecks of D/S Spring and M/S Fjordbuen.

D/S Spring.

The ship of the length of 65 meters sank in 1914. Its wreck is on the depth of 8 – 42 meters under

M/S Fjordbuen.

The ship of the length of 100 feet and the width of 21 feet, sank in 1914. Its wreck is on the depth
of 20 – 33 meters under water.

Monday morning predicts transferring to the airport in Bergen and departure to the country.

The price of the trip in Norway is 2500nok + the price of the flight ( approx. 1200nok, depending on the time of your trip), also cost of the board.


The price include :

  • a transport from and to the airport
  • accommodation
    6 diving sessions 
  • renting of air tank and ballast
  • filling of the bottle for 6 sessions
  • transport to the diving spot

The price does not include:

  • the flight
  • the board
  • the insurance

We will take care of everything! To start with purchasing your flight ticket, finishing with your
departure. Your task is to have fun!