Wreck Diver

    Sunk wrecks are like magnets for divers. They want to touch them, feel them, get to know their histories and mysteries. This training is an introduction to diving nearby wrecks, it teaches basic technics considering the maximum of safety. Exploration not only wrecks, but caves brings a huge risk. That is why, you as a recreational divers, will be restricted to the straight line of the natural light penetration.

    The training includes a theory lecture, self-depended learning and 4 diving sessions, in which you will be able to practice planning wreck divings; learn navigation procedures, swimming techniques (where you will not sweep away a sediment from the bottom of the wreck), use a special spinning wheel. You will also learn how to deal with problems caused by additional equipment.

The price of group training: 1800 nok

The price of individual training VIP: 2600 nok

The price includes:

  • training
  • book
  • certificate


  • Over 15 years old
  • Finished training PADI AOWD (or equivalent of other federation)
  • 500 nok in advance

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