Underwater Navigator

    Have you ever wondered how it works when you had no idea where you are and your guide, instructor or just a friend knew exactly how to come back? Or perhaps not once you happened you be swimming closely under the surface, only because you had no idea how to come back? On this course you will learn how to properly navigate under water.

    The course consists of a discuss on the topic and three diving sessions. At the time of each one you will be learning more and more complicated navigation models, how to estimate the distances and make maps of diving spots.

The price of group training: 1500 nok

The price of individual training VIP: 2400 nok

The price includes:

  • training
  • book
  • certificate


  • Over 15 years old
  • Finished training PADI OWD (or equivalent of other federation)
  • 500 nok in advance

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