Rescue Diver

    You are an experienced diver and you can perfectly take care of yourself? Looks like you are ready to go level up in your training and gain some knowledge about how to make others feel safe while diving with you.

    The training lasts 2 days and consists of theory lecture, self-depended book studying and practical sessions where you will learn how to help tired, panicked diver and also unconscious, non-breathing one. You will be training techniques of searching and getting the diver out of water. You will learn how to handle emergency action. At the end, in order to perpetuate your knowledge and skills you will take part in an emergency action simulation.

The price of group training: 2600 nok.

The price of individual training VIP: 4700 nok.

The price includes:

  • training
  • PADI materials (book, pocket CPR mask)
  • certificate


  • Good health state
  • Over 15 years old
  • Finished training PADI AOWD (or equivalent of other federation)
  • Undertaken EFR training and additional premedical help (EFR Primary and Secondary Care), in
    last 24 months
  • 1000 nok in advance

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