Enriched Air Diver

    Diving on enriched air lets you prolong uncompressed limits, that will allow you for longer exploration of the diving destination in practice. The nature of this training is recreation, but it is the first step to the technical diving sessions.

    The training takes one day, comprises of the theory lecture. Here, you will get information how to use the nitrox mixture, plan diving session. You will learn about the pros and cons od using the enriched air with 22 – 40 % of oxygen. Additionally, we will make one diving, where you will test enquired knowledge.

The price of group training: 1200 nok

The price of individual training VIP: 1800 nok

The price includes:

  • training
  • book
  • certificate


  • Over 15 years old
  • Finished training PADI OWD (or equivalent of other federation)
  • 500 nok in advance

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