EFR – Emergency First Response

    I would want to believe this training will never be useful for you, as accidents never happens. If they do, they always happen somewhere far away. Sometimes a TV informs us about them or as we are used to thinking : „ it doesn’t concern us”.

    Unfortunately, a belief is not not the real life indeed and we can never be sure that a life of other human being can be dependent on our help. This training is not a swear or guarantee, that after finishing it, any injured person will fully recover under your care. Nevertheless, the fact of you, have been trained, as the first one to help in an emergency would definitely raise the possibility of survival of such person.

For who is this training?

  • It is directed to everybody. You don’t need to be a diver to help.

Is it worth it?

  • The answer is simple – certainly it is. If you think differently, just question yourself. If you were in
    a situation which endangered your life, would you not like to receive an inevitable help?

    After finished training, you will know how to properly help and you will raise the possibility of survival and faster recovering of a person. While an accident every second counts, that is why the help should come as fast as possible. Only after 4 minutes the blood circulation stops, there can occur an irreversible brain changes.

The training takes one day, approximately 8 hours.

While a training you will gain competencies such as:

1. In the realm of Primary Care – CPR:

  • evaluation of the place of an accident
  • using the means of personal protection
  • first evaluation of the condition of injured one
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR
  • choke of the unconscious / conscious adult person
  • dealing with a hemorrhage
  • dealing with a shock
  • dealing with a spine injury
  • usage of automated external defibrillator (AED) and oxygen help

2. In the realm od additional premedical help – Secondary Care – First Aid

  • evaluation of the injury
  • evaluation of the ill person
  • bandaging and dressing of a wound
  • inactivating of a limb in case of sprain or break

The price of group training : 1100 nok.
The price of individual training VIP: 1900 nok.

The price includes:

  • training
  • EFR materials
  • certificate

In order to proceed to the training there is a need of 500 nok in advance.