Deep Diver

This is the training that will make you cross the boundaries of recreational diving. 40 meters. Impressive. Reasons, why one can strive to dive deeper are many, but the most vital is one, safety! Accurate background, skills and common sense will help to provide it.

    The training lasts two days and consists of the theory lecture, which will lead you to the needed knowledge how to plan and conduct safe diving even under 40 meters. The training also includes four diving sessions in the range of 18 to 40 meters. Each session your skills will be honed. Furthermore, you will learn the techniques of economical breathing. We will also be checking the influence of narcosis on your consciousness by doing simple tasks on big depth.

The price of group training: 1600 nok

The price of individual training VIP: 2700 nok

The price includes:

  • training
  • book
  • certificate


  • Over 15 years old
  • Finished training PADI AOWD (or equivalent of other federation)
  • 500 nok in advance

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